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Pishure: Empowering creators to tell better Nigerian Stories.

  • Year:

  • 2020
  • Sector:

  • Content
  • Role:

  • UX Designer
  • UX Research

Problem Overview

Nigeria is said to have an estimated population of over 180million people, that might seem like a lot of people, and indeed it is. But Nigerians are also one of the least represented in visual content both in Nigeria and across the world. Creatives who can’t afford the cost of creating images often resort to using available stock images from stock image platforms but are often frustrated because of lack of adequate content. For my Udactiy UX Nanodegree Program, I choose Pishure as my Capstone project.

Pishure provides free Nigerian stock images to empower millions of creators (designers, content creators, etc) in Nigeria and across the world to easily create beautiful products and designs that tell a true Nigerian story. 

Discovery: Research & Analysis

My research focused on learning where and how users; content creators, designers, and anyone who needs a Nigerian stock image for their work source for them. Understand the kind of images they source for, their rationale in choosing a particular image from a particular platform and also their pain points even while using these other services.

From my study, the most common pain points for users are; search results on the platforms they use do not match the keywords they use and it is hard to find the image they want, if they are lucky the few options found are expensive. Here are key stats about my research audience;

No. of Participants: 85
Platforms they use
Theme of Images they searched
Search Experience

Design: Concepts & Sketching

Further inquiry and analysis into my research findings helped narrow down the collected data into ‘pain-points’, ‘themes, and opportunities’. The most common theme was the poor ‘image search experience’.  Understanding this allowed me to be able to iterate on 10 features. I then used a value-complexity matrix as a method of prioritizing which features can be built with minimal engineering constraints but also deliver value to the users.

Value-Complexity Matrix

Test: Validation, Usability & Feedback

My usability study showed that although users like the ability to narrow down there search result, they also would prefer exploring first before typing in a keyword to search. My initial hypothesis was to make the ‘Search By’ feature as prominent as possible so that users can easily search for images, but that wasn’t the case during testing. In fact users dumped task 1 which required them to use the search feature, they went to task 2 which was just exploring pictures and downloading them. I learnt that although being able to narrow down a ton of results is a great feature, users behavior showed they want to explore the image collections before entering their desired keyword.

Design Iteration

This current iteration is an improvement from the former iteration. Considering how users focus are directed, I reduced the hero-section so as to carter for the other contents thats user actually want. Coming from my research insights,  ‘Search’ or ‘Search by Category’ is not entirely a priority for users at this stage of the product. They would like to explore first, get a feel of this new product before putting intent to making definite ‘Search’

High Fidelity Prototype

Udacity Mentors Review & Feedback


Great job! The amount of hard work and thinking that you have put in can be clearly seen. ✌👏 You have done a fantastic job with this project submission. I wish you all the best for the upcoming challenges.✌ Keep up the good work! Stay Udacious! Stay home and Stay Safe. Together we will Win this Corona.💪


Congratulations on meeting all the specifications for this project. The work shows that you have understood the concepts from the course material. Keep up the good work as you progress with your program. Wishing you the best for your future.


You did an excellent job providing all necessary documentation in a logical format. I want to emphasize on how well and detailed your design process makes it much easier to understand your product development journey.


You have done an amazing job putting together this submission. I can only go ahead and talk about how wonderful your submission has been. Your effort and hard work is highly appreciated and it shows in the kind of submission you have put together. All the best for future projects 😊👍

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