Unlike the eye that has the brain as its power, a camera is almost dumb. We made one smart tho...


The Smart Camera:

Exploring possibilities with AI & Video Analytics to provide insights across several use cases.

  • Year:

  • 2020
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  • AI & Data Science
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  • UX/UI Designer
  • Front End Developer


We had just experienced a robbery incident on campus; University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), and there was chaos everywhere, afterwards the real questions began. Who were they? What did they look like? How many were they? and so many other questions a surveillance footage would help pick. But here is the shortcoming; UNN had over 40 cameras across the campus, and going through hours footage across 40 cameras is tedious at worse, unproductive. This was the foundation of I and my team's idea. So we asked;

How might we reduce the time it would take to analyze a video from a surveillance camera or CCTV?
How might we provide actionable insights from analyzed surveillance footage(s)?

Research, Findings, and Solution

They are currently over 350million surveillance camera worldwide, the problem with most CCTV cameras used for surveillance is that it is not 'smart', they merely provide a recording or live feed of the surroundings. If there is a need to go through all surveillance videos, that would be a hell of a task. Also, what's the value? The UK spent over £300million between 2007 - 2010 on CCTVs, and I sincerely wonder at how much value did it bring. So it was clear what we needed to build; A camera that understand what it sees and an analytics tool that can provide insight, and we went ahead to build it.


An AI Powered Camera that understands what it sees!

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Gain valuable insights on what your Qview sees and make better decisions

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User Persona, Flows & Information Architecture

Unfortunately, I am unable to share every detail about my process on this project due to binding legal contracts.

Use Cases

The use case for QView is ernomous and we are currently exploring and experimenting with various business and organization to see how QView helps their day-to-day Business. A few highlighted use case are;

Retail Store Customer Insights

Know your customers and optimize their in-store experience. Business can gain new insights as their customers visit their stores and interact with the different spaces.  They can be quantified, and classified to help businesses evaluate the impact of their in-store experience.

Space Optimization and Management

You can manage spaces and determine how many persons occupy a certain area at any given time. Qview uses vision, motion and a counter algorithm to count ins-and-outs. The data is sent to QInsight and live updates, alerts and notifications are delivered based of set parameters

In the News...

QView makes Top 10 Finalist at Zenith's Bank First Tech Hackathon.

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