Life will change, people will evolve. My single purpose is to help them experience every moment of it.


Hi there, I'm Charles Njoku

Working with my Dad in his printing press at 12 stands out as the most significant event that inspired my passion for design. Fundamentally I am intrigued about how bits and pieces of events, experiences, and stories come together to create something.

I am fascinated by the details, and this is how I see design too. I am also a people person, with a very strong passion for how stories and experiences shape peoples lives. All of these make me a better designer; my passion for people,  and the intriguing process of creation.

What does design mean to people?

Design can mean whatever you want it to mean to you, and this sort of fluidity of design is why it is important in every single life form, but more importantly design mirrors life. People use their five independent senses to better understand their surroundings, and as they continue to do so all their senses collaborate to form perceptions and build a library of experiences.

When you compare this with the 'creative process' of design you see an underlying pattern of almost independent components coming together, collaborating, etc., to build or elevate experiences for people.


2010 - 2014

Adol Digital Art Press - Graphics Designer

2017 - 2020

Arone Technologies - Product Design Lead

2018 - 2019

MyBiM - Brand Strategist & Design Lead

2019 - 2020

Softcom Limited - Visual Designer


Trium Networks Limited - UX Designer

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I am an outstanding Product Designer with an eye for detail, an excellent work ethic, an unwavering passion for design and an exciting personality. Over the years, I have helped people and businesses from several industries to design and implement thoughtful products, strategies, and visual branding tools to help grow their business. I am super interested in society’s critical challenges and how design can help solve them, this means I am constantly learning, engaging, networking and sharing my experiences to help solve these challenges.

I spend time immersing myself in learning better ways to become more flexible in my design process, allowing me to deal with different circumstances when designing experiences that will impact people, these fuels my passion for people and the experiences that I am able to design.

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Love is the greatest power above all things, show love no matter what!